Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn and the Full Moon

I wanted to share with you an article that I had recently read, I felt it applied to most of us in life....Enjoy

Originally it would seem fitting to write about Autumn. Its a time of reflection and play of colours on tress that accompany the passing year.  However it is not Autumn worldwide. The southern hemisphere on Earth is currently experiencing spring, as life moves in the other direction. The simultaneity of becoming and perishing is something very elementary, which we rarely are aware of. Most of the time we only see one side or the other. But it can be a great teaching when we realize that everything we are experiencing just now, holds an opposite pole. This is not an easy lesson....but it fits really well with Autumn. Or should we say spring?
The exact time of the full moon is tomorrow, Saturday September 29th @ 8:18 :36 pm (Pacific Time)
New York is 11:18:36 pm

Happy Moon Watching


  1. I have friends who say, "This too shall pass." In good times, in bad times, this too shall pass. Happy Autumn.

  2. I love Autumn and the fool moon at this time of the year is my favorite. I am so happy to live in an area (The Midwest) where we experience all four seasons to the greatest extent. From the 100's in the summer to -20 in winter, i love all the seasons but there is just something SUPER special about Autumn.