Sunday, February 12, 2012


Cheryl Christine Dalton
So here I am mom, at a loss of what to do
It’s been one year today since we lost you.
My life has changed in so many ways
From losing my best friend, to very quiet lonely days.
I try very hard to make sense of this loss
But it seems that God wanted you at any cost.
I find myself wandering in your beautiful light
Driving your car, reading your books, desperately searching
for some silver lining in sight.
Your memories are all that I have for now,
Your smile your love and words of wisdom stand out.
But as life seems to force us into places we fear,
Holding on to your spirit is how I will keep you near.
When I hear the leaves rustle in the trees on my walk
Or the blue jays you fed in the yard squawk their gibberish talk
I will know it is you reminding me your close
Remember Mom it was you the angels chose.
Elizabeth Cheryl

Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Thanks, Elizabeth Cheryl
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