Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Survey: What is a Witch?

What comes to mind when you think of the word, Witch?


  1. I imagine a witch that lives alone, away from society, maybe in a cabin. She's not an outcast, but chooses privacy. I imagine her a different breed, a long-lived mysterious race that appears human, very strong, usually kind, and always powerful.

    I have a few Wicca friends and I know how important nature is to them. They're very peaceful and celebrate the moon, the sun, winter and summer solstice, and they love all animals. All things I respect. I once went away for a weekend with them. I had fun.

  2. When I think of a Witch, I see The Halliwell Sisters from Charmed or the Witches from Practical Magic. I see them as natural, kind and protective. I see them living in a house like the one you have above. I see them having lots of friends (some know they are witches some do not). I see them as always trying to make the world a better place. They also have the power to do what they please but they don't abuse their power. They follow the times 3 rule to a T but still have fun and enjoy life.

    Your book really made me thing hard about the Salem witches and all the "witches" that were punished. Most of them were probably innocent of all charges and the ones that were "witches" were a huge loss to their community and life itself. I cannot wait for you to write book 2~~~~