Sunday, August 21, 2011


"If I have told you of earthly things, and ye believe it not, how shall ye believe if I tell you of heavenly things?"
Testimony of Mary's son, as recorded in the new testament.

 When I asked my four year old today where Grandma was, he simply took his index finger and pointed up....
I had never showed him where Heaven might be nor did I really ever explain what heaven was. Its sort of an innate concept that takes shape as we grow older. It fascinated me that we associate the sky above us as a final resting place for our loved ones. The concept of Heaven and the afterlife is coincidentally the general concept of my book and a Writers Workshop that I will be participating in October 6, 2011. I figured that maybe it was time to start gathering other peoples ideas of what they believe happens to us when our souls leave our physical bodies.

It is within reason with no conflicting testimony that there is a physical possibility of an inhabitable sphere or zone of spiritualized matter in space called the Summer Land. It is no dream that at the end of a telescope there are a group of stars and systems of suns. It has occupied man's eye and expanded their minds with respect to the magnitude of the planetary splendors. But how much do we really know, we have what our space expeditions tell us and we have whats in our hearts. If only there were a way to look within the vestibule of the Eternal Temple. 
I'm not sure about you, but tonight I am going to take a moment to stare up....

Happy star watching and peace to those in the Summer Land, especially you mom.

Elizabeth Cheryl

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