Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sugar, Cancers Best Friend

Sugar, Cancers Best Friend

With the new year under way and the past behind us one thing that we may have brought with us into 2013 is not something any of us want to think about, cancer cells. Women tend to be more vigilant with their health than men do but that is not always enough. It has been scientifically proven that cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Cancer cells also crave and need sugar which happens to be in most foods we eat daily. We may not exactly have a cure for cancer, but what if I told you that it is preventable to an extent. Now I am not a doctor nor do I claim that this article will save your life but I will say that after reading what I have to say; your life is worth researching this information and finding out on your own. Only you can take charge of your own health and it all starts with being proactive, not reactive. I could not stress to you more that after losing my mom and many other people I love to cancer it prompted me to do extensive research and visited some of the best clinics in the country with incredible results in curing cancer. When it was realized that cancer needs sugar and an acidic environment to thrive it is only common sense to create an environment that does not promote those two combinations. There are many foods that encourage an acidic body. You can google acidic and alkaline diets to find more information on what foods are acidic and what foods are alkaline. It is advised that we create a Ph level of about 80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidic in our bodies. Sugar will fall into an acidic category, in fact cancer cells love sugar so much that an Oncologist Doctor in Reno named Dr. Forsythe at Century Wellness Clinic has created a type of chemo that mimics sugar in the body. When the cancer cell absorbs the chemo presenting itself as sugar, it annihilates it. But thats only a small portion of what Dr. Forsythe does for his patients. He is a Renaissance man in the area of cancer treatment. You can read about him in a book by Suzanne Somers, called Knockout, Interviews with Doctors who are curing cancer. His website is www.drforsythe.com.
Along with learning about the miracles and visiting Dr. Forsythe’s clinic in Reno, I also took a trip to the world renown Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Since 1963 The Hoxsey Clinic has been treating and curing patients from around the globe. The treatment is comprised of a liquid elixir containing many herbs and several topical salves, the clinic may also use other supplements, diet, nutrition and chelation therapy, according to the website www.cancure.org. Some of the theory behind the Hoxsey method is to keep the body in a more alkaline state, therefore making the environment unsuitable for the reproduction of cancer cells. The Hoxsey clinic will teach you how to eat and provide the elixirs to keep the body at the proper PH level.
With the information on how the body can fight cancer it may not be a cure but maybe that cure lies in the form of putting into our bodies what we want to get out of it. If we give ourselves a fighting chance in keeping our sugar levels low or obsolete and maintaining an alkaline environment then we are being proactive with reducing our odds of getting cancer in the first place. Its very important to pay attention to the input of chemicals and refined sugars that are dumped into our systems every day. As our society continues to move into the “quick fix” or the on the go packaged lunches and dinners we are increasing our chances of providing the very breeding ground for cancer to grow and eventually destroy it’s host. Some of the warning signs of cancer are the following according to Web.Md’s Common Cancer Signs Overlooked….
  1. Unexplained weight loss
  2. Bloating
  3. Breast Changes
  4. Between period bleeding or unusual bleeding
  5. Skin Changes
  6. Difficulty swallowing
  7. Blood in the wrong place
  8. Gnawing abdominal pain and depression
  9. Indigestion
  10. Mouth changes
  11. Pain
  12. Changes in the lymph nodes
  13. Fever
  14. Fatigue
  15. Persistent cough
Now not all of these mean cancer and or maybe one or two can indicate a worthy checkup. Either way I hope you found some of this information helpful. If you would like more information on Dr. Forsythe or the Hoxsey Clinic please feel free to email me or leave comments on this article. I did visit and have many stories of the journey to the Hoxsey Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico that you might find fascinating.

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