Monday, June 11, 2012

Have you been listening?

Listening to the universe telling you something. Did you take five minutes for yourself today and set your intentions for the rest of the day and tomorrow? Did you wake up and feel as if there was something you should be asking yourself? So many blogs and emails we get everyday are about our books, or our stories or our experiences. We bloggers out there in the web world want to share our words with you in hopes that you the subscriber will buy our books. Well I wanted to take a moment for this email to reach you not in hopes that you  buy anything but your own time. If you must pay yourself $10 an hour to take the time and sit to write, read, paint, play with your kids then by all means do it. Our time is so valuable nowadays that it is imperative we take some of it for ourselves. Please just sit and listen to the leaves rustle in a breeze today or watch your cat sleep. Pet your dog, or your kid for that matter, but be human, experience touch, life and living. Listen to what the universe is telling you and in that moment of peace, you might just get the answers you have been looking for.
Elizabeth Cheryl

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