Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Summerland Book One

When Abigail Parker graduated from high school, she thought she was going to spend her summer enjoying social events with her friends and prepping for college. But after the sudden death of her mother, she was forced to move to Salem, Massachusetts, with her eccentric Aunt Bridgette.
After stumbling upon a strange book hidden in her aunt’s closet and hearing whispers from a familiar voice, Abigail tries her hand at a spell. But something goes terribly wrong......
She is thrusted into the year 1692, in the summer of The Salem Witch Trials.
Alone and different than the Puritans, Abigail is forced to hide her identity as she finds love for the first time.
But Alexander Thomas, Salem's primary Witch Hunter has his eye on her. She must find her way back to the future to retrieve the spell book before she is accussed herself of the ultimate sin, a witch. 

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